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Marketing Consultancy

Agency/Property Management

Piesta Consulting work on behalf of developers, landlords, tenant, buyers, and sellers. The companies provides consultancy services to client in the leasing, sale and purchase of all types of commercial, residental, retail, and industry property.

Piesta Consulting has extensive market research database operates on custom built system devised by the Company. This enables our Agency Division to keep track of available premises, tenancy expired dates, rental levels and marker trends.
Our negoitators draw on their extensive market knowledge to advice developers of the requirements of the market prospect of planning and design, suitable tenants mix achievable rents and marketing strategy.
Piesta Consulting is commited to add value to our client'a property assets and maximise the performance of the property through :
1.   Estate management
2.   Preventive maintenance
3.   Cost control
4.   Cash flow analisys and forecasting
5.   Rent review / negotiations
6.   Lease restructuring
7.   Tenan liaison, care and servce
8.   Market analisys
To support the foregoing disciplines, we provide the following service
1.   Leasing
2.   Financial services
3.   Plant and machinery services
4.   Quarterly market valuations
5.   Insurance plants and machinery valuations
6.   Sales and counselling
Our Property Management Divisiong Assissts on property management related issues at the design stage and during construction in collaboration with the project team of professionals.
Piesta Consulting endeavors to optimize financial return on property development through their effcient operation and maintenance.

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Feasibility Studies & Valuation
It is not unusual for Piesta Consulting to conduct a negative study and clients are aware that Piesta Consulting will not silverline a study and that we invariably have the client’s interest in mind.
The studies, valuations and fund monitorings that we have conducted range from the usual property related projects but are often as diversified as ostrich farms in South Africa, chemical industry and a ferry service from Java to Sumatra.

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Financial Advisory/Debt Restructuring
Due to Indonesia economic crisis since 1997, Piesta Consulting act as Financial Advisor for our clients who doing business as developers and other companies or creditor of IBRA (Indonesia Bank Restructuring Agency), Government Banks and Private Banks.
Piesta Consulting was established and since that time we have grown very rapidly and we convinced as the listed in every Lending Institutions and also IBRA.

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Investment Consultancy
Piesta Consulting provides strategic advise on property investment opportunities. Our services include the identification and negotiation of individual investment opportunities, acquisitions and sales.

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Consultancy and Research
Successful investment and developments invariably require an understanding of numerous factors which affect property markets.
Piesta Consulting provides comprehensive market overviews of major market sectors locally and on regional basis.
Our extensive data bank and in depth market knowledge assists clients to identify and maximize property opportunities, be they investors, developers or end users.
Our Consultancy and Research Division is staffed with highly trained professionals with the insight of experienced technocrats and property practitioners.
Over the past 7 years, the Company has undertaken detailed economic and technical studies in all types of development. These major studies encompass project such as toll expressways, electrification plants, television station, reclamation project, mixed-use developments, offices, hotels, retail, housing estates, manufacturing and agro-industrial developments.

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Piesta Consulting provides independent, professional and comprehensive valuations on all type of property.
Our International Valuation Division maintains a team of highly qualified valuer with over 25 years experience in valuation work. This enables us to provide our clients with authoritative valuation reports and reliable information on property values.
Piesta Consulting is duly registered with the Jakarta Capital Market (BAPEPAM) as valuer for assets of company going public. Over pass 7 years the company has valued over Rp. 10 trillion (USD 5 billion) worth of company assets.
Valuations are prepared for a variety of purpose :
* Financing/mortgaged loans
* Public listing
* Acquisitions /disposals
* Merger/takeover
* Divestments
* Insurance placement
* Fair rental determination
* Leasehold interest
* Accounting/balance sheet purposes
* Debt Restructuring

Piesta Consulting undertakes valuations of all types of property including :

*    Residential Development : Housing estates, apartments, townhouses, condominiums
*    Commercial: Superblocks/mixed use developments, office buildings, retail centers, hotels, resorts and leisure related developments.
*    Industrial: Factories, plant/machinery and equipment, transportation and material handling equipment.
*    Agricultural: Plantations, agricultural estates, fish/shrimp farms.
*    Development Site: Vacant land earmarked for either residential, commercial or industrial development.
*    Natural Resources: Mineral and quarry reserves, forest concessions.
*    Intangible Assets: Goodwill, franchise agreement, leasehold rights, going concern value.
*    Monitoring Project Implementation: Progress reporting, cash flow/scheduling, disbursement, implementation compliance on approved plans and specifications.
*    Environmental impact analysis on all types of industry.
Piesta Consulting is wholly committed to provide clients with quality valuation reports adopting internationally accepted standards.

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Monitoring Funds For Construction
Monitoring the utilization of funds during construction is the last leg of what we call out ‘loan oriented services’ triangle (feasible study – valuation – monitoring).
In Monitoring The Use of funds for construction, we report to our clients on the progress of he project, cost overruns, the timeless of construction and more often than not, we are required to advise on the disbursement of the funds.
Piesta Consulting’s experience in the above field has been quite diversified, ranging from low – income housing developments, multi billion dollar mixed use developments, large scale land reclamation developments, large-scale land reclamation developments, gigantic petro-chemical plants, toll expressways. etc.
Monitoring of funds for construction is critical to the leaders and to the successful completion of the project. Our field inspectors are experienced in noticing inefficiencies and discrepancies in construction which could lead to costly overruns and delays in constructions.

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Monitoring & Valuation
Piesta Consulting track record and it’s integrity is the basis of the company’s close working relationship with banks and financial institutions.
As a result many corporate groups have found an indispensable and professional partner in Piesta Consulting and have often worked hand in hand with the company in completing big long term projects.
PT. Bumi Serpong Damai, a 6000 hectare 25-year development, is developed by a consortium of 10 of the countries foremost developers.

PT. PAL Indonesia is the state owned shipyard and shipbuilding company.

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Feasibility Studies
Piesta Consulting not only conduct studies on the financial feasibility of projects on the drawing board but also carry out in depth researches on markets : property. Products, consumer preferences.

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Feasibility Studies & Monitoring
We have carried out studies on the Highest and Best-Use of land plots for clients interested in discerning the most valuable development for their property.
We have also conducted location studies whereby a client wished to develop a hotel chain in various secondary cities in Java.